Tent in a Room

I love hiding under things, inside things, and in dark places. When I was smaller, I used to crawl under my HS’s (human sister’s) futon and play with my toys there. I loved surprising people when they couldn’t find me.

But… since I grew up sooo fast, I’m not able to fit underneath my HS’s futon anymore. She felt really bad for me — she knows how much I enjoyed going under there.

Tent in a RoomSo… what’s the next best thing? She put up a tent for me! In her ROOOM!

My mommy told me that she originally bought this tent for HS when she was a little girl. Wow, we have something in common! We both like to hide inside things! I’m so glad that HS put the tent up for me, even though I’m still getting used to it. It isn’t the same as hiding under a dark futon, but it’s still a little space I can call my own.

Tent in a Room Tent in a Room
Tent in a Room

Tent in a RoomYeaaaap, I think I’ll be camping out often in here. All I need to do is bring my food & water bowl, my doggie bed, my toys, steal some socks, and I’ll be set! Can I get a nice sign to hang on the outside, please? Maybe have it say… “No Cats Allowed.” ;)

Woofs & hugs,



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6 Responses
  1. Gus loves to hide underneath things too. He has a tent…and it’s shaped like a mouse!

  2. You must be very loved, Bailey! You’re very own tent! WOW! You definitely need a sign!

  3. Kari says:

    ooo your tent looks like a super fun place to camp out!


    • bailey says:

      It IS super fun! Especially the ties that hold the door open — I LOVE tugging on those (though my mommy isn’t too happy about that lol)!

      Woofs & hugs,