Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover

Ya know all that cute fur on my floppy ears? Well, it’s not too cute when it gets all matted and knotty. I don’t mind it much, but mommy thinks knots are icky and does what she can to rid my fur of them. My ear furs have a mean habit of getting knotty, so mommy set out on a hunt for something to make those knots disappear.

A little about my human sister, Taylor…

I want to apologize again for my not visiting friends as much recently. For those who don’t know, Taylor has Fibromyalgia, and has cervical lordosis (a curve in the upper spine, specifically in the neck region). She was recently diagnosed with Chronic Degenerative Disc Disease of the Cervical Spine. This is why sometimes she does not feel well. *Sigh*

So, when Taylor does not feel well, I lay with her to help make her feel better. Whenever I can, I schedule posts at least a week in advance, so I don’t miss a day, but then I don’t always have that time to visit all of you. I do try and make up those visits whenever I can.

Now for my review…

Look below for the Good Stuff vs. the Not-So-Good Stuff…

Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover, by Four Paws&#174

My mommy found this product online — it’s made by the same company that makes Nala’s car seat harness. I, of course, was totally against getting it, but it was either buy it or have my ear furs cut (which she’s already done!). Could you imagine me without all my ear furs?! Egads!

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
Other doggies must have the same problem with their fur,
’cause why else would they make a product like this?

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
OOH, these teeth look sharp, don’t they?

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
They’re not too sharp, but you don’t want to stick
them in anyone’s faces, especially the furry ones.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
I had to check things out before I let mommy touch me with it.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
She ran the comb through my ear furs…

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
The first couple of times were OK.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
But then she attempted to remove a knot.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
This wasn’t gonna be easy.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
Mommy took a tiny bit of fur at a time, and pulled the
comb through my fur. Honestly, I did not like it one bit.

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
But look at the knotted fur that mommy pulled out!

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
After she was done with my knots, my mommy brushed me a little
with my new ShedMonster. May as well make me look pretty all over!

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
Furget about the knots — this was the REAL payoff!

Review: Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover
Ahhhh… I’ll review anything for cheese.

The Good Stuff:

  • The comb is nice and sturdy, but light and easy-to-hold.
  • It removed my knotted fur and small matts.
  • There’s a hole at the end, so you can hang it up.
  • After all your knots are removed, you can use this comb every day to keep the knots from coming back.

The Not-So-Good Stuff:

  • I’m not gonna lie… I wasn’t really happy with this comb. My mommy had to hold the knotted fur (which was really close to my skin), so it didn’t hurt when she pulled it. She also had to hold me, ’cause I fought every single pull of the comb. This comb does NOT go through knotted fur easily. It DOES pull, but I don’t know if there’s any other way to remove a knot from fur without the pulling (unless you cut the knot out). :(

My conclusion?

Knotted fur and matts are not fun. And if you don’t want to lose your fur by way of scissors, you’re gonna have to withstand some type of comb to try and remove them. The best advice I have, is to tell your human to brush the fur that is prone to knotting… often, so it doesn’t get knotty in the first place. Then you can use a comb like this without having it hurt at all. :)

Buy it!

If you’d like to purchase your own Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover, you can purchase it at one of my favorite online shopping places, using my affiliate link… which means that if you make a purchase through this link, I will get a small commission so I could buy more treats or toys! Teehee! :) It may also be available at your local pet store.


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Happy Tuesday woofs & hugs, friends! <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl)
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My mommy purchased this product with her own money, and I provided an honest review. My puppy opinions are my own.


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10 Responses
  1. So glad I have such short tight fur! I hope Taylor feels better soon
    Dachshund Nola
    Dachshund Nola recently posted..A Tasty TuesdayMy Profile

  2. Benny & Lily says:

    Bet that feels good
    Benny & Lily

  3. Mr. Pip says:

    I am so sorry Taylor is having a difficult time. Hope she feels better soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Anna the GSD says:

    I don’t get knots, but Simon does!! Brushing knots our of kitties SUCKS so mom just uses scissors…nothing like a kitty with little bald spots! Bahahahahahaha! But they’re mostly on his belly so it’s not too bad. :)

  5. Sounds like an interesting product – mom has the BEST combs the remove our knots are the ones that have revolving teeth. They are hard to find but they really do work the best as the teeth don’t pull on the knots.

    We are sorry to hear about Taylor – Mom sort of knows how she feels she has a severe hump back from osteoporosis now and has suffered fro Lupus for nearly 30 years. She has lots of days where she can not do much either.
    Reilly & Denny recently posted..Merry Christmas Every FurbodyMy Profile

  6. Goose says:

    I am sooooo glad I have short, very short fur and I do not have to endure the combing of the knots. I don’t think I could take it. You are very brave.
    Goose recently posted..Getting BetterMy Profile

  7. Brian says:

    I understand those mats really hurt. Hey, purrs to Taylor, but I know you are taking good care of her.
    Brian recently posted..Tabby TuesdayMy Profile

  8. Kari says:

    Im so sorry to hear about your human, I hope that she feels better soon and what a good girl you are to go and be with her when she isnt feeling good.

    Whoa those teeth scared me on that brush :) thank dog we dont have long fur but will pass on this info to our long haired friends!
    Kari recently posted..Max The CatMy Profile

  9. Wowsers Bowsers…..Dis be one time mee is so hap-pee dat mee has short furs and no knottys!

    Sending lots of big pawhugs to Taylor!
    Amber DaWeenie recently posted..Hap-Pee Holly-Days and New Weenies in BlogvilleMy Profile

  10. Finn says:

    Sorry to hear about your human sister. I know you are keeping her good company. Thanks for the review! Knotted hair is such a drag!
    Finn recently posted..My Christmas MorningMy Profile