Monday Mischief: Don’t Eat That!

I love toys. I love playing with toys. I love eating toys. :P

I have a couple of toys that I love playing with, but that I supposedly need to be watched while I’m playing with them.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
This is one of them. It’s a Frisbee-type toy, that has
a squooshie thing in the middle that squeaks, and rope around
the edges. As you can see, I already chewed through the outer
material and can now taste the yummy rope. (as of this posting,
I tore the rope so badly, that mommy took the toy away. Boooo.)

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
It was a really nice toy — I had a lot of fun with it.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
Then there’s this big red ball with a handle.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
Whenever I’m caught chewing on it, I’m always told,
They laugh, but I swear it surprises me every time.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
Then I run away with it.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
I love chewing on the big red ball.

Monday Mischief: Don't Eat It!
It’s MINE, after all. :)


Daddy update: Day 22 without a job. He’s still searching. *Sigh*


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Happy woofs & hugs, friends! <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl)
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*Extra Woofies*
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11 Responses
  1. siku marie says:

    One of the best parts of toys is de-constructing them! Humans do not seem to get that… or maybe they do but don’t like it when we make ourselves sick and vomit toy parts (like Puffy does). We continue to send White Dog positive energy to your daddy and know the perfect job is out there waiting for him!

  2. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh Bailey you are so cute. Toys are for chewing right?
    Benny & Lily

  3. Finn says:

    That red ball looks like it would be perfect for chewing! Hope you are keeping your Pops some good company, keeping those good vibes sent your way!

  4. Jen says:

    Anything with a rope, Elka chews on the rope. She used to like playing tug with ropes, but now she just wants to chew on them!

    The jolly ball looks fun, though. I’t hink the handle looks pretty chewable, I definitely agree.
    Jen recently posted..For Veteran’s Day: Please Support the Canine Members of the Armed Forces ActMy Profile

  5. Flea says:

    Bailey, you seem to be such a happy girl! I’m hoping your daddy finds a good job soon.
    Flea recently posted..Funny Hunting Dog VideosMy Profile

  6. Sarge says:

    Hey Bailey!
    Wow, we both love eating toys! I think it’s great fun just like you do. Sometimes Mom will do a quick repair, but only once…then they get tossed. Booooo is right.
    BTW: I have that exact same red ball with the handle! It’s one of my favorites. That handle makes it bounce and roll all funny and weird. Great for chasing!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Bassetmomma says:

    I’m sorry about your frisbee toy Bailey. It did look like it was lots of fun. Boy that big red ball is really huge! It’s almost as big as you! LOL! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for your Daddy. :)
    Bassetmomma recently posted..Monday Mischief – Jail TimeMy Profile

  8. I’m nice to my toys but brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) has to eat everything he gets his paws on. So Mom keeps the toys hidden unless she can watch Mr. ToyGutter!
    Amber DaWeenie recently posted..Wordless WindsDayMy Profile

  9. Goose says:

    I have a flying dosc like that. But that big red ball looks like tons of fun. And yes, it is yours aafter all.
    Goose recently posted..From Laser Light to ERMy Profile

  10. Sam says:

    We’ve got a couple of toys like that too! They are definitely “play with the boys” type toys!

    Sam recently posted..Our AnniversaryMy Profile

  11. EngineerChic says:

    Just found your blog and read about Bailey’s hip problems. Our shep mix had bad hips and we found 3 things really helped:
    1) Keeping his weight down
    2) Rimadyl – I know some dogs do not tolerate it well but if you have Bailey’s liver enzymes checked periodically you can head off any problems before they really start.
    3) sea Jerky by Coastside Bio, you can get it off Amazon.

    That last one is what I’m really here to comment on. I’m not affiliated but this stuff was magic. We had been using human pills with glucosamine and chondroitin, but our vet sugg we try this. Suddenly, our dog was stealing food off the counters again :).

    It’s made from sea cucumbers and smells like low tide (eiww) but 1 jerky stick per day was a miracle worker for him.

    I would try a smaller package first (the link is for 90 sticks) to be sure Bailey likes it. But, it’s worth a shot. It was more effective for us than even Adequan shots were.