What I Like :)


Nala and I like a lot of things, but we’re both very different. Check out our list below!

Bailey loves:

  • Eating: Food (both dog food & human food, especially cheese & ice cream! But not really lettuce — can’t figure it out). I LOVE eating grass, but sometimes it gives me a tummy ache.
  • Running: Since I’m part Belgian Shepherd, I feel the need to run…like 90% of the time! Sometimes at night I start to run around the house like crazy…good thing my family notices and opens the door so I can run around out back. Then I come in and have a nice long nap!
  • Sleeping next to doors: Yeah, I like a good door to cozy up to. I no longer have a huge crate to sleep in, so sleeping on my big doggie bed and next to closet doors have become my new favorites.
  • Drinking water: I LOVE water! I love drinking it, playing in it, eating, licking and playing with ice cubes…anything that has to do with water, I’m there.
  • Playing with Nala: I LOVE playing with my sister — I especially love when she chases me. She’s pretty fast and she used to catch me all the time, but now that I’m bigger she can’t keep up as well. But she keeps up pretty well for being 15 years old (she’ll be 16 in Nov. 2014)!
  • My human family: If one of them goes into another room, I have to follow them. Good thing the house has lots of doors. ;)
  • Rolling on the floor: I like to spin in circles, too!
  • DIGGING!! Check out my posts about digging and my digging videos. :)

Nala loves:

  • Eating cheese: Yep, I can say for sure that this is Nala’s favorite food. She’ll practically do anything for cheese! Oh, and she likes ice cream a lot too.
  • Sleeping: Not sure if she likes to do it, but she seems to do this more than I do.
  • Chasing me: I know she loves this! Sometimes I think she would chase me more, but she gets tired too fast. :(
  • Riding in the car: Nala LOVES going in the car, whether it’s a long trip or just out to the store. I’m starting to get used to car trips, but they’re still not my favorite thing to do.


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