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Tug of War

If you know Nala, she’s getting up in years (she’ll be 13 in November) and doesn’t play as much as she used to. Most of the time she lays around, but at least once a day she gets a little feisty and wants to play. Yesterday, she decided she wanted to play with my favorite toy!

Review: Purina’s Busy Bone Ultimate Chew

I’m a chewer…I admit it. I love chewing stuffz. It doesn’t matter to me if I can eat it or not, but it does matter to my family. So they try and find me things that I can chew and eat.

Bone Wars 1

If you’ve been reading about me for the past few months, you’ll know how much I love chewing on bones. Nothing fancy, just plain ol’ rawhide bones you get at the store. I love them when they’re new, and even after they’ve been chewed down to a size that fits inside my entire mouth. Problem is… Nala likes bones too — even if she can’t chew them anymore.