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Doggie Camp *Sigh*

It was a surprise to us, when mommy packed us up and brought us over to doggie camp last week. We were so sad!

What’s This? Overnight Daycare?! Part 4

This was the fourth day that my mommy gave me medicine to keep me calm. There were a few things different this morning though… like Taylor’s friend stayed overnight, and everyone got up really early. Then there was the suitcase. Ah, the dreaded suitcase. I only saw it used once, and that was last year when I was just one year old. That time I had to stay overnight at Doggie Camp with Nala.

Boarding is a Vacation?! Part 1

This past Friday my family put a couple of suitcases in the car, one of my doggie beds, a large blanket for Nala, and our doggie food and treats. I thought we were all going somewhere fun!