Pinterest, an Apology & an Auction

“Sometimes we make mistakes — we’re only human.” I hear my mommy say that sometimes. What’s my excuse when I make a mistake? “I’m only a doggie?” Being around my mommy while she works on her websites, and seeing how hard she works to protect her content, really is the main reason that I should be taking the time to investigate everything I get myself into. But since I’m a doggie, I sometimes don’t stop to think.


Sooo… I’ve been seeing a lot of this website all over the Internet — Then I started seeing “Follow me” buttons on a few bloggies I enjoy reading. So, I thought I would check things out.

Since you have to have either a Facebook or Twitter account to join, and since Facebook Pages didn’t qualify, I ended up having to create a Twitter account. I highly doubt I’m going to become a champion tweeter (haha), but I guess it’s good to have if I ever want to share anything with my followers, at any particular moment in time.

If you haven’t experienced Pinterest yet, you may want to have a look. Even though I’m still finding my way around there, I have learned something very important — once you share something on a board that you create, anyone could “repin” that image to their own board. And even if you decide to delete that original image, the “repinned” image does not get deleted.

I’ve mentioned before about my mommy’s history of copyright issues and how hard she works to protect her copyrights, remember? When I first added a few of my own images to a board I created, I was OK with that. I thought I may end up getting a few more visitors to my site. But then I changed my mind. That’s where my love of Pinterest comes to an end.

After I decided to delete some of my images, I realized that at least 3 of them had already been repinned to other boards. What’s great about this, is that my site will most definitely be shared with the image. There is a direct link to my site with each image that is repinned. If you don’t care that your photos are lost in Pinterest world, it really could be a good marketing strategy. Unfortunately, my feelings have changed in just one day of experiencing Pinterest. I feel that since I added those images, I should be the one to decide if they should be deleted or not. But when I deleted one of my photos, I realized the photos that had been repinned to other boards, were still there.

It wouldn’t be so terrible if it had just been my own images, but I wanted to do something good. I really had the best intentions when I decided to create a board titled, “My Furry Furiends.” Not only was I proud to share some of my friends’ bloggies with the people on Pinterest, but I wanted to try and help bring in a few more visitors for them as well. I thought it was a great idea at the time. But as I found out, even if I delete an image from my board, it will still exist if it’s already been repinned on someone else’s board. I ended up deleting all of my few photos and the entire furiends board.

At first I tried to place comments to ask those few people to please remove my image, but I kept getting an error. The only way I could see to remove my images, was to file a DMCA-compliant email with Pinterest… which I did last night.


As of 6am, two of the five images that were still pinned last night, are gone. A third image on someone else’s board was removed on the individual page, but the image still exists on the board in thumbnail form… and it’s been repinned to I don’t know where. Pinterest probably is still trying to figure all of this out themselves.

As of 12:15pm, all of my original images had been removed, and an email was sent to me from Pinterest stating that they were removed and those who had repinned my images had been told why. I sent a follow-up DMCA, because one of my images had been repinned after I sent the first email, and it was still up there as of this time.

As of 2:20pm, the remaining image has been deleted and an email sent from Pinterest. I have to say, that they appear to take copyright infringement very seriously. Thank you, Pinterest.

I’m sorry…

I want to apologize to those friends that I had added to “My Furry Furiends” board on Pinterest… I am sorry for adding you without your permission. But now that I am aware of what the site’s negatives are, I want to let you know that ANYONE can pin ANY of your images, photos, etc. to their board on Pinterest, without you knowing… and those images can be repinned by other Pinterest users, and so on, and so on. I wish there was a way to search for website links to see how many times photos had been repinned, but you cannot. Sometimes the search box just disappears altogether.

Sooo, at this time I have very mixed feelings about Pinterest. It does appear to be a great site for those who want to keep track of the things they like, and for those who want to have their images shared or to receive a little site exposure.

Since I am so undecided about it all, I have removed the “Pin this” button from my site. Unfortunately, this will not stop others from pinning any of my images to their own Pinterest board, and if that does occur I will go down the DMCA-compliant email route again. Google Chrome also has an extention that creates a “Pin It” button in the browser’s toolbar, to make it easy for anyone to pin anything on any website. If you know how to check your stats, you will be able to see how much traffic is coming from any images on Pinterest… that is, if anyone does click on an image from your website (while I was on there for a day, I viewed a lot of images, and not once did I click through to any of the websites that those images were linked to).

It’s OK for those of you who don’t have a problem with it. But I do not wish to participate in something where I do not have full control of my content. I’ve spoken to a few of you already, and you seem to be enjoying it. Some of you have no problem sharing your images, and you seem to be getting a lot of traffic from it. It may be a wonderful platform for many of you, and for that I am very happy. But for me right now… the possibility exists there for a lot of misuse, and that just brings more headaches.

For those of you on Pinterest (or Tumblr, or any other site that allows you to share images), how do you feel about others pinning your photos with and without your knowledge? Do you have a copyright notice on all of the images on your website? How would you feel if you were not given proper credit for your images?

Update 3-1-12…

If you prefer that visitors do not pin anything from your website, see the following information:

If you are able to include one line of code to your website’s header, you can add the following to the heading of any page of your website:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

When a user tries to pin from your site, they will see this message: “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

Crossed Paws — In the Name of Love Auction…

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Local birdies…

Pinterest, an Apology & an Auction
For the past few days, this big birdie has been
hanging around with these little birdies.

Pinterest, an Apology & an Auction
He doesn’t look like he’s part of their family, but then
families come in all shapes and sizes… don’t they? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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19 Responses
  1. I LOVE IT! Since Pinterest retains the original source URL as it gets repinned over and over and over, I’m finding a boost in blog traffic from it, particularly from my recipe posts. About 10% of my traffic in the last two weeks has been Pinterest driven, which is nice. I have a friend with an Etsy store that says she’s seen a 20% increase in sales on average on things that have been pinned.

    I hate the sites that take them and DON”T link back or the ones that display them, but don’t host the image so it eats up bandwidth, but something like this? It has been only positive for me so far. I’m glad I’ve been using it. It probably will prompt me to add a url message to the bottom of all my images, since I haven’t done that yet. I would file an official copyright complaint if I found anyone using the images commercially, but for personal use? I am totally cool with that.

    Just my opinion. I know others may not feel the same.

  2. Bbe says:

    Wow..scary stuff when you think about it. I browse Pinterest for inspiration for my future home, and that is it! I would be very upset to see all ym creations spewn all over the net too.

  3. siku marie says:

    We sort of wondered what Pinterest was…thanks for the lesson. We don’t think it is for us.

    You are such a wonderful pup for helping to publicize the all in the Name of Love Auction. We hope that Ava will be able to get the medical help she needs and that the Fearless Five will be remembered as well.

  4. thank you for sharing this information. We saw a link to the board the other day and decided we weren’t interested. Now we’re really glad. We would not want to “share” our photos like that, nor have our photos shared by others. It’s good Pinterest takes copyright seriously, but they have opened a Pandora’s box with this.

  5. 2browndawgs says:

    I never heard of that site, but I am going to check it out just to see what is there. I learn so much from other bloggers.

  6. Frankie Furter and Ernie says:

    I guess I have always known and come to terms with the fact that whatever you put “Out There” is available to everybuddy who wants it.
    I am just very careful about what I post.

    I would not ever Snag a pic or words from another person’s blog… without ASKING FIRST. I guess that is the thingy we all need to do.

  7. I’ve just joined pinterest, and have not put anything of my own up there, but you’ve brought up some good points to really think about and keep in mind for if I ever do. THANKS for that and for letting newcomers to it like me benefit from your experience. I hope it gets all sorted out.

  8. Bassetmomma says:

    Thanks for the info Bailey! I have just joined Pinterest and don’t even know what I am doing yet. I will now be very aware and conscious of what I am doing there. Love the big bird!

  9. Bailey says:

    I’m glad you brought this up. My craft blog is getting pinrested to death. My images are popping up everywhere and people think it is wonderful that they are taking my pictures and sharing them with everyone. I don’t have an account, don’t want an account and still it hasn’t stopped multiple people from going through and adding my pictures to their accounts. So yes, I do find this whole idea rather frustrating.

  10. I have been on Pinterest for a year. I share images of our art that link back to all the websites, and I repin fun stuff I see on Pinterest. I like the site and it has introduced more people to our art.

  11. Diana C says:

    I do not have a blog or copyrights but I am on Pinterest and will be careful about what I post
    or repin. I have a picture of Max on there……and I never thought about his image being used somewhere. So thanks I will be alert to what I post on there!

  12. All very interesting. We don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Mom is paranoid about her privacy. But our human sister does Pinterest – we are going to share your info with her. Thanks for letting us know.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Talking Dogs says:

    I gave up long ago trying to maintain control over my images. There just are not that many hours in a day (at least not in ours). Plus, I confess, I like Pinterest and find it to be fun and a source of inspiration. However, that said, I totally respect your take on it!

  14. Sorry you are going throught all this trouble. Mommy almost checked this out for me. But noe, I think we will stay away.

    Doggy kisses,

  15. SUGAR says:

    Woof! Woof! Thanks for this explanation … got your email late and you did a great research. YES my mom ?ed Pinterest PHOTO security … 1st she thought it will eliminate the copying but i guess NOT. According to Pinterest … when you PIN you need to provide the source (for copyright purposes) so as long as the www shows up when you select the image you are good.

    You know how we are very protected of my photos being copied. My blog was pinned many times … by others, the reason we joined.
    to be safe he P on our blog is no longer there … will keep our account open for tracking purposes.

    Golden Thanks for this Bailey … Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. Benny & Lily says:

    We have given up! BOL no matter what you/we do to protect our images they can still be used in some form somewhere. We Googled two French Bulldogs the other day and looked under “images”, tons of our pictures were posted without our permission. If you disable right-click, pictures can still be printed. Not sure what else there is to do. So if you used our picture anywhere.. We don’t care, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  17. Finn says:

    Aw, yes, please send my momma your email, even though I know we have it somewhere – marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com thank you!

  18. Hi Y’all,

    Oh Bailey, thank you for sharing your Printerest lesson! I have an invite in my inbox now and thanks to your timely info, at least for now, will not be posting anything on that sight.

    Being doggies, I assume restrictions are the same with y’all, computer time is greatly restricted. I have enough trouble keeping up with all my friends, so I shan’t miss something I’ve never had. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe I can ask for my own IPod for my birthday. (bright idea);)

    Thanks again Bailey!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. I’m sure the furry friends you pinned will be okay with what happened since we all learned from it. My Human always says “live and learn”.