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My mommy makes a lot of checklists. She has a checklist for everything! In 1997 she made a website for all of her checklists, and now she has more than 400 checklists on her site,

Mommy has a couple of checklist books: one is for parents to leave for the babysitter, and the other is called, “My Dog’s Checklists & Journal.” My mommy uses a copy of this book to keep track of all my important information, from my family history, to my favorite things and also my medical information, and has lots of room for fun stuff too! There are blank lined pages for journal writing, and a few pages for adding photos. And the best thing is, Nala is on the front cover!

My Dog's Checklists & Journal

Here’s some info about the journal:

My Dog's Checklists & JournalThis book from is more than just a book of checklists. It’s a way for you to organize and keep track of fun, interesting, and important information about your precious dog. Includes pages to personalize, medical information and history charting, photo & journal pages, and much more. In addition, this book includes a detailed checklist to leave for your pet sitter and other useful checklists to copy and use. Paste a photo of your dog on the front cover to further personalize your dog book. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll enjoy filling out this ‘baby book’ for your own furry family member. It also makes a great gift that will be cherished for many years.

Here’s what people have said about it:

From Paris Permenter, Publisher of “Just as you’d capture milestones in your children’s lives, “My Dog’s Checklists and Journal” helps you document your dog’s most memorable times. Like a baby book for fur babies, this handy journal provides a central location to help you preserve your dog’s special moments. Forms record your dog’s adoption information, likes and dislikes, nicknames, and more while photo and journal pages encourage you to expand on your dog’s experiences. Practical lists assemble essential information, from contact details for everyone from vets to groomers to medical information and microchip details to vaccinations and medications. This book brings together a lot of handy info in one place for dog lovers!”

From Tanner Trains the Family: “I wish I this book had been available when I brought my “fur baby” home five years ago. This would have been a wonderful place to preserve the photos of all of the memories that we are making together. It would have also helped me to keep all of his records in one easily organizable place. This book has a place for everything including photos, medical and dental records, tricks, and trips. What a great idea.”

My mommy is almost finished with “My Cat’s Checklists & Journal,” so kitty mommy & daddies, stay tuned!

If you’ve purchased this book and would like to send me your comments to be listed here, please contact me!

Book Details:

  • Genre: Pet Care
  • Paperback: 70 pages
  • Binding: Wire-O
  • Size: 8&#189″ x 11″
  • Publisher: (February 2010)

AVAILABILITY: Out of Stock 🙁

Product Number: 030-431194153

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