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Dogs in Cars

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It took me a while to get used to riding in a car. I used to get a big tummy ache, and I used to get sick. But my mommy started taking me out a little bit each day, and I’m now able to ride in the car without getting sick! I still get a little nervous, but I’m hoping that will subside one day.

When we first started this project, we had hoped to photograph lots of doggies in cars during our regular outings. But that proved to be more difficult than we had thought. Either we didn’t see any doggies, or when we did see doggies, they didn’t cooperate with the camera. We did manage to get a few doggies for our very first post.

Then I thought… why not ask others to join in the fun? And so I did… and you all responded so pawsitively! Thank you so much!

Dogs in Cars @ is an ongoing series. If you have a picture you’d like to see posted with our next installment, click here and send us an email for a return reply (unless you have our email address from comments we’ve left on your bloggie — then you can send the picture right to us*). Make sure you hold the copyright to it.

*If there is a date scheduled for the next installment (below), it’s too late for your photo to be included with that post. If you submit a photo at that time, we’ll hold onto it and include it with the next installment. New installments are scheduled once we receive 15 photos. 🙂

Here’s what to do:

  • If you don’t already have my email from one of my comments on your blog, send me an email via my contact form and I’ll send you back a reply so you could reply with your photo.
  • If you could, take the pic of your doggie from the outside of the car (but I’ll also accept pics from the inside).
  • Please include your doggie’s name and your blog’s name/URL (doesn’t have to be a doggie blog, but it must be family-friendly), so I could list them with a link (if you have one).
  • It’s OK to include a copyright notice on your photo. We’ll include “” on there as well.
  • If you don’t have a doggie, we’ll accept another furry or feathered friend!

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Can’t wait to see YOUR ‘Dogs in Cars’ photos!

Woofs & hugs! <3 ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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