Blogpocalypse 2011

11-12-11 is the date for Blogpocalypse 2011! Started by Dr. V of Pawcurious. Since I’m not able to post every hour for 24 hours (beginning 11-12-11 at 12 noon), I was glad when Kolchak Puggle asked me to join his Blogathon.

You can visit Kolchak during the 24 hour blogathon to see our zombie contribution. We wanted to join in some way too, but cannot post every hour for 24 hours. So my mommy, human sister Taylor, and Nala, helped me write this short story. Hope you enjoy it!

A Zombie Story, by Bailey, Nala & family.

There I was… standing in the middle of what seemed like an endless sea of green grass. I put my paw down to step, but the blades turned to slithering snakes. I yelped really loud, not because I was afraid, mind you… I was just trying to get the attention of my furry sister, Nala. She was sniffing out an old, rickety building nearby. A huge wind passed over my furry ears, and I smelled something unusual. I turned to see Nala running toward me. “RUNNN!” she yelled, as she ran (pretty well for almost being 13 years old).

As I started to run, I noticed she had red stuff all over her fur. As she passed me, she looked behind her… which made me look behind me. “ZOMBIE!” she yelled. “ZOMBIE?!” I yelled back. “What the heck is a zombie?!” Nala yelled back, “It used to be alive, but now it’s not — it’s now the living dead… the undead!” Honestly, my sister watches too many scary movies.

Blogpocalypse 2011

I tried to keep up with her, but she was way too fast. “Nala! Where the heck are you getting all your energy?!” I turned back again, and saw it. This creature was ghoulish-looking, and had a foul smell. It ran on four legs, and was covered with fur. It looked like it needed a bath!

I called for Nala to wait up. “No way!” she yelled to me, as she took a strong lead across the field. What the heck was going on?! Nala was faster than I was, and I was running away from something I’ve never seen before. There’s something wrong here. “You’d better run faster, Bailey!” Nala yelled back to me. “It’s a ZOMBIE DOG!” Oh! Is that something I should be AFRAID of?!

I don’t even KNOW what a zombie dog is! Are they not friendly? I wanted to know!

But then something behind me let out a terrible scream. It vibrated all the way past me, and it made me trip on my own four feet! I fell head first into a tumble, and fell asleep. Only for a minute though… when I woke up, I was still on the ground, but I was face-to-face with what was probably my worst nightmare… a zombie dog! “Dude! You have awful breath!” I yelled for it to get out of my face. It growled at me, and started pawing me with these huge paws that were in deathly need of a nail trim. “Dude! Get off of me!” I tried to escape, but this thing was too big! It had to be at least 10 times the size of me!

Suddenly, I felt something crunch on the bottom of my leg. The creature had taken hold of my foot in its rot-invested mouth, which had blood dripping down from its over-sized fangs. I tried to pull my leg back, but the thing was putting up a great fight! I bit back at it, but the only damage I could do was to make an indent into it’s bitter-tasting fur.

I was finally able to claw at it, and it fell over with a huge thud! I jumped up on top of it, and I finally had a good look at the thing they call the zombie dog. Trust me, you DON’T want to come in contact with a zombie dog — they are the ugliest, meanest, and smelliest doggies you’d ever wanna meet. And did you know… they EAT other doggies! It’s crazzzzy! They really do need to take more baths! I can’t describe how bad they smell. It was such a strong odor — every scratch I made on it, threw out a smell so strong, that I had to use my other paw to hold my nose closed! It growled and fought back… it did NOT want me to win. But I had the upper paw… and I also had a furry sister, who had stopped running when she saw that I had fallen. It was a good thing she was coming back to help, because there were more zombie dogs coming our way!

Nala made her way back to where I was, but she wasn’t alone — she had brought plenty of back up with her! I was so happy to see that many of our own big doggie friends had joined in to help fend off these disgusting creatures! From who I could see, there was Leroy and Sherman, RA, Isis & Nanuk, Tori, Mesa & Baily, Snoopy, Harley, Gibson, Wolf, Chloe, & Bandit, Thunder, Phantom, Ciara & Lightning, Khyra, Bert, Tanner, Mayzie, Kiska, Natasha, Cheoah, Rusty, Qannik, & Frankie, Shawnee, Honey, Bart & Ruby, Finn, Hawk, Storm & Thunder, Chance, Blaze, Zappa, Silver, Fiona, & Brut, Suka, and many other friends!

I immediately jumped up on the zombie dog, which was no longer alone — the pack of zombie dogs had caught up to us and were just about to attack, when the huge pack of doggie friends arrived to join in the battle! The next few minutes dragged on for hours, and during this time there were creatures yelping and being thrown to the ground all around me. I yelled to my friends to be careful. Some of the larger doggie friends used their famous paw hold to grab the creatures, which enabled them to finish them off. Working together, we picked up all the zombies one-by-one, and threw them into a ditch at the end of the field. “I think this ditch will hold them long enough for us to get away,” said Nala. “Great job, everyone!” I yelled. “We couldn’t have done it without all of you!” That’s what friends are for. 🙂

We all started walking away, when all of a sudden I felt something pull my leg. “Oh no,” I thought. Were there more zombie dogs? I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see what was behind me (’cause we all know when our eyes are closed, nothing can see us, right?). But then I opened them… and saw the hand… my mommy’s hand. She was shaking my leg! “What the..?” “You were having a bad dream,” she said. “Are you kidding?! Where’s Nala?” I look over to see Nala sleeping soundly on Taylor’s bench in the living room. This was all like a bad dream.

And that’s what it was… a bad dream.

Have a zombie day!


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