Dog Walking Etiquette, by Bailey

Dog Walking Etiquette, by BaileyThis year was the start of a new routine for my hu-mommy and me — we started walking every day. No, not just to the mailbox and back. πŸ˜‰ We walk around the neighborhood, about 2 miles a day. As girls, we both need to stay in shape, and walking is great exercise!

We’ve met all kinds of people and doggies on our walks, and some of them are actually good at it. Then there are those who could use a little advice on how to do it better.

I was contacted by to share my own tips for proper dog walking etiquette, which I have listed below. πŸ™‚

Always walk your dog on a leash

This is the numero uno, most important tip I can share! You don’t know how many doggies I see walking off leash, and some playing ball out in the street where other people walk. It’s crazy! Sooo many bad things can happen if a doggie is not on a leash. Even if you think your doggie is totally smart and won’t walk away from you, please don’t do it. They could be hit by a car; they could get distracted and run into traffic… they could even run and chase another doggie or human, and possibly hurt them.

One time I was walking with my hu-mommy and since she’s always keeping an eye out for loose dogs, she noticed a girl further down the road walking with her dog. He was on a leash, but the leash was dragging on the ground, and his human had her eyes buried deep in her cellphone. Mommy stopped us immediately, and hoped the girl would look up at some point. She didn’t, so mommy had to make a coughing sound really loud so she’d hear it before they got too close. She eventually put her head up and picked up his leash. Mommy didn’t say anything but ‘thank you,’ as they passed, but I know she would’ve liked to! If you care about your doggie (and other humans), be sure you’ve always got control of the leash.

Never approach without permission

The next important thing, is never approach another doggie without getting the okay from their human. Even if you think your doggie is the NICEST pooch in the world and wouldn’t hurt a fly, just don’t do it! I’ve met some nice doggies on my walks recently, big ones and small ones… and I’m never sure which ones will end up barking at me after a quick sniff. I’m surprised EVERY time. Please get permission from all humans before getting close to another doggie.

Allowing the right of way

It’s often that while walking down a street, that we’ll pass a jogger coming our way, or another dog walker, or even a family with a stroller. Mommy always moves to the side to let them pass. It’s not only courteous, it’s for safety. Mommy knows I won’t attack any people, but she doesn’t know if they won’t stick their hand out to pet me as they’re passing… and in that case, even I don’t know what I would do. So, she moves aside for everyone’s safety.

Always clean up

If you don’t want to make enemies in your neighborhood, always scoop the poop! It’s sad how many people don’t do this! They KNOW their doggie is pooping, but they look around like they don’t know what’s happening! Please do us all a favor and carry poop bags with you EVERY time you walk. I don’t wanna step in poop, and I KNOW my mommy doesn’t either! Us doggies sometimes poop when we’re nervous and even if we pooped JUST before we went on our walk, we will sometimes get nervous and poop a handful 5 minutes later. No names. *cough* So always carry poop bags. πŸ™‚

Teaching moments

Sure, walks are great just to smell the fresh air, sniff a flower, or jog alongside of you. Did you know that during walks is the perfect time for teaching us stuff? On my walks, I’m learning how to stop when I’m told before the end of each street. My mommy wants me to be a safe walker. She also tries to get me to look both ways (and sometimes she thinks I actually do, but don’t tell her I’m really looking around for that pesky squirrel). Some other stuff she makes me do teaches me: sit every so often (I guess she thinks I get tired); not to bark at other doggies and people walking next to us (no matter if they’re running really fast and/or riding a bicycle); and just enjoy nature. I’m sure your hu-mommy and daddy can teach you lots of stuff!

Pay attention

One more thing… whatever you do on your walk, please pay attention to us doggies! We’re walking with YOU, not your cellphone! Mommy talks to me and tells me what a good doggie I am when we’re walking… and when I’m good (and sometimes not so good). πŸ˜‰ She only takes her cellphone out when we reach a place to stop and sit, but that’s because she likes to take pictures of me. I can’t help how cute I am. πŸ˜‰

Now get out there and practice some good dog walking etiquette! If you’re already doing it right, share this article with a friend. πŸ™‚


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