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Happy March!

Hi friends! I just popped in to say hello! Jax and I are doing really well — wanna see some photos?

Summer Fun!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

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Me & Jax & JoJo

There was another post I was going to share, but recently, something happened on my hu-mommy’s computer (file server side) and she ‘misplaced/lost/can’t find’ more than 3 years worth of photos and files. SIGH. She is beyond upset, because in those 3 years of photos, are photos and videos of her mommy. I sure hope someone figures out how to find them. I hope they’re not gone forever.

Mojo-Jax (& Video)

Last week was the hardest week of my entire life. My furry sister Nala left for Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, 1-10-15, and I’ve been very sad.

Goodbye Sweet Nala <3

Goodbye Sweet Nala. <3