Doggie Gate

So remember when I told you that my family was trying to teach me to come every time they called me? Well that’s going pretty well I think. Mom’s been teaching me how to count too. She says, “Come Bailey.” And if I don’t come the first couple of times, she starts counting. Funny thing though…she never gets past three. On three she starts walking over toward me, and I just know it’s time for me to listen…so I do. It makes mom really happy when I go to her too. :)

Did I tell you that a few weeks ago I kinda got out the front door? I was so excited to see my mom and sister come home one day, that when they opened the front door I bolted and ran around the cars in the driveway. They didn’t know if I would come back (I was still working on the come command). Heck, I didn’t even know if I would come back! But I was so excited, I did run right back around into the house. It gave them quite a scare, which is probably the reason why there’s a nice new gate near the front door. Nala and I can’t greet anyone by the front door anymore…we have to wait inside the gate.

Another thing that sealed the deal on my family getting a gate by the front door, was that Nala had snuck out one day when daddy came home (just before I came into the family). Read more about that story here (story posted on 9-22-11) .

Richell One-Touch 150 Large Pet GateThis is the gate we now have: the Richell 94134 One-Touch 150 Pet Gate. My family loves it. I guess it’s OK — it looks nice and it has a handle to open and close the gate, which opens both ways. It looked like it was pretty easy to put together — of course I watched the entire time. It also stands up to me jumping up on it — it doesn’t budge! Ah well…I guess I can’t blame them for putting up the gate. It’s nice knowing how much they want me to stay. :)

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