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Dogs in Shadows

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Ever since I discovered shadows in this post, I’ve been fascinated by them! They’re mysterious little things, aren’t they? They follow you, but never say a word. They walk with you, but are not alive. They’re attached to you, but they’re not always visible.

Like my Dogs in Cars Series, I’m starting out with Nala’s and my own shadows… but I’d love to add YOURS!

Dogs in Shadows @ is an ongoing series. If you have a picture you’d like to see posted with our next installment, click here and send us an email for a return reply (unless you already have our email address — then you can send the picture right to us). Make sure you hold the copyright to it.

Here’s what to do:

  • If you don’t already have my email, send me an email via my contact form and I’ll send you back a reply so you could reply back with an attached photo.
  • If you could, take a pic of your doggie’s shadow without him or her being in the picture — I’m looking for shadows that look like doggies! If you have a pic of your doggie’s shadow, but it also includes your doggie, send it and I’ll see if I could crop your doggie out of the shot. If not, no worries! I’ll just include your doggie in the photo. 🙂
  • Please include your doggie’s name and your blog’s name/URL (doesn’t have to be a doggie blog, but it must be family-friendly), so I could list them with a link (if you have one).
  • It’s OK to include a copyright notice on your photo. We’ll include “” on there as well.
  • If you don’t have a shadow from a doggie, we’ll accept a shadow of another furry or feathered friend!

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Can’t wait to see YOUR ‘Dogs in Shadows’ photos!

Woofs & hugs! <3 ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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