Lazy Sunday

*10 days till Nala’s surgery*

Today’s what you call a lazy Sunday. My family was out all afternoon, so Nala and I were alone to find stuff to do.

I don’t really like the days that everyone leaves for a long time. It seems like they were out for hours and hours. I heard mommy say they were gone almost 6 hours — don’t they know that’s an eternity to a puppy?!

I was in my house (my crate — you can see pics in my gallery) the entire time, and so I tried to keep myself busy. Nala roamed the house and slept on her couch most of the time. I did a few things: I slept on my pillow, sometimes tossing and turning. Other times I went digging in my rug. When I got really bored, I tried opening the latch to try and get out. Drat. I couldn’t.

Mommy used to put a lock on the top latch, because she was afraid that I’d somehow open it. But I showed her (muahaha).

Here’s what I did to that lock a couple of weeks ago:

Lazy Sunday
Nice work, huh?
Mommy doesn’t use a lock on the latch anymore. ;)

And that’s it for my lazy Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

Woofs & hugs,



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2 Responses
  1. Amber-Mae says:

    Nice job with that lock, Bailey! And sorry about Nala’s toofie. I hope the surgery goes smoothly.

  2. Hi! Bailey! When my personal assistant has to leave we try to catch up on sleep and bone chewing! It does seem a long time though whenever she leaves. The Bear sleeps mostly and as long as I stay in the room with him (he’s in his playpen) he doesn’t cry!

    I’m afraid the playpen is because of me. I use to cause havoc when left alone. Those baby teeth create such an ugly urge to chew. I have grown up some now!