Doggie School: Week 1

First class: 2/1/11
1/6 Classes

Yesterday was my first doggie class. I must say… I was really worried about it. But I was worried for nothing — it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Doggie School: Week #1I had to ride in the car in order to get to the school. If you didn’t already know, in all the times I’ve been in the car before, I’ve gotten sick. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten at all, or maybe because I’ve grown up a bit… I don’t know. But whatever the reason, I didn’t get sick this time. Yay!

I’m still not so sure what’s so fascinating about riding in the car though. Nala seems to enjoy it, and gets really excited when someone just says the word. Maybe if I ride in the car more often, I’ll get used to it and like it as much as she does.

Doggie School: Week #1When we first got to class, I didn’t know what to expect (neither did my mommy and daddy). There were about 10 other doggies there — many of them under one year of age, except one was was much older. All of the mommies and daddies there had to introduce themselves, and tell everyone what they liked most about their doggies. My mommy told everyone that they both loved my enormous amount of energy, and then told everyone that I was very loving and always giving kisses.

Doggie School: Week #1There was a little black & white Papillon sitting next to me that was so excited to be there. His name was Harry, and he kept coming over to me and jumping up and down like crazy. Here I thought I had a lot of energy… you should have seen Harry — he was a nonstop jumping bean!

Doggie School: Week #1Mommy and daddy said I was being a good girl. For the first part of the class, the teacher did a lot of talking, so us doggies just had to sit and listen. I mostly watched the doggies next to me — they just couldn’t sit still!

Doggie School: Week #1The first thing my mommy and daddy were taught, was how to use a clicker. They’ve never had to use a clicker before. Come to think of it, I remember them saying that I was their first doggie ever to attend school (this is a good thing, yeah?). They learned:
Doggie School: Week #1

  • Click & treat
  • Name, click & treat
  • Name, come, click & treat
  • Name, come, click & treat (while standing), &
  • Leave it

Doggie School: Week #1So, the clicker is supposed to make me remember good things (like yummy treats!). A few of the pictures here show my daddy giving me a treat after saying my name, and then clicking. I got used to that pretty fast. Name -> Click -> Treat. Again. The picture above shows my daddy giving me a treat after saying my name, come, and then clicking. The picture to the left, shows my daddy teaching me, “leave it.” Boy that chicken tastes gooood. I think I’m gonna like this class!

Doggie School: Week #1By the end of the class, I was feeling pretty happy. I wasn’t even nervous about riding in the car, but I still have trouble jumping onto the seat for some reason (is it just me, or are those car seats really high up?). My daddy had to lift up my back end so I could get inside. How embarrassing… But I was very happy to be going home!

Doggie School: Week #1After we got home, I found out that Nala had eaten her dinner while we were gone. She even had some delicious chicken, too! How lucky was she?!

Doggie School: Week #1All I could think about was drinking some water. I plopped myself down right in front of my water bowl and drank until the water was all gone. I closed my eyes, but then heard the sound of mommy’s camera. I gave my mommy that “I just wanna nap” look, and she took one more pic and then put the camera away. No worries… I was up and running around a half hour later.

At night, mommy and daddy practiced some quick lessons and they said I was doing great! My human sister couldn’t believe how well I was listening. As homework, we all have to practice with the clicker a few times every day. Mommy’s already practiced a few times with me today, and if I must say… I just loooove chicken! She said she’s gonna add some cheese later. I just can’t wait. <3

Thanks everyone for your happy thoughts!

Woofs & hugs,



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6 Responses
  1. Buddy says:

    Bailey, it sound like you had a lot of fun at puppy school. You’re so smart, your own blog and all, you’ll graduate with honors.

  2. You must be a very smart dog, Bailey! We bet you’re going to get an A++++++ in your class!

  3. Kari says:

    Sounds to me like you had lots of fun! Congrats on not getting carsick!


    • bailey says:

      Thanks Kari! I actually had a lot of fun! Looking forward to next week’s class! :)

      Woofs & hugs, ~Bailey