Nala’s Trip to the Doctor

A couple of days ago, Nala and I went to the doctor. She was due for a couple of shots, and I decided to go along for the ride.

Yep… I went in the car, even though I still don’t like traveling in it. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to enjoy riding in the car like Nala does. I’m sure mommy and daddy would take me more places if I did. I’m OK when I first get into the seat, but as soon as the car is turned on and starts moving, I go into panic mode.

I can’t be the only doggie who doesn’t love the car.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
You OK back there, Nala?

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
I’m not sure how I’m doing. I think I’m starting to get nervous.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Nala: “I hate going to the doctor.”

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Probably as much as I hate riding in the car.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
How much do you weigh today? 26.8.. 27 lbs.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
I weighed 62 lbs today!

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Whaaaat? We can’t go back in the room with Nala today?

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Are you kidding? What did I come along for then?

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
How long will it take?

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
I don’t have much patience, you know.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Hey… that’s not Nala.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
It’s taking so long… I’m getting tired of sitting here.
I think I’ll lie down.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
If they don’t come out soon, I’m gonna fall asleep.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Maybe looking at one of the murals will keep me awake.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
OK, this is silly… what did they do with Nala?

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Hey, there’s one of the ladies… maybe she’s bringing Nala out.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Hey! That’s not Nala!

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Mommy, maybe we should go in there and get Nala.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
I can’t wait to get out of here.
Nala: “Me too!”

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
If only we didn’t have to take the car to get back home.

Nalas Trip to the Doctor
Nala: “I’m gonna take a nap. Wake me when we get home.”

The technician told mommy that it took so long, because they had to wait for the Benadryl to take effect. Nala has to take an antibiotic because she used to get allergic reactions when getting her shots. Ever since she started getting antibiotics, she’s able to get her shots without any problems.

I wish I was in the room with Nala — it would have been more interesting than sitting out in the hallway waiting for her. Maybe next time I think I’ll just stay home.


Days until I’m 1 year old: 6 days, on June 18!
Days until we blast off into space: 16 days, on June 28!

Ahhhh! I can’t believe I’m gonna be 1 year old next Saturday!
I wanna stay a puppy!!

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Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,

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19 Responses
  1. Love the photos! Visiting the vet usually causes some anxieties. It helps with the vet and vet techs are so good. : )
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    Just Ramblin’

  2. Hey Bailey,

    You’re such a good Doggy keeping Nala company, especially as you don’t like it in the car, way to go Bailey!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. You were very brave Nala! And your were very patient Bailey!

  4. Roo says:

    Hey Bailey!

    Good to meet ya! :) So, you get a bit freaked in rides too? I’m sorry pal. Its such a bummer cause I luv going places. Just wish there was another way to get there! Mom says were going to try some of my herbal storm tablets next trip and see if that will keep me calmer. Paws crossed it works!

    Read about your ‘sliding into the door’ OUCH! Maybe put nose prints all over it every day so you can see it’s closed better next time ;P

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Ohhh, we just noticed that you get carsick! Mama says that *ginger* should help settle your tummy. Animal Apawthecary makes a ginger mint drop to go under your tongue a half hour before a trip that is pretty good!

  6. I used to HATE the car, now I love it! Mama started giving me a spray of Rescue Remedy before the trip to calm me down. I just love going in the car now and you’re right! You get to go all sorts of great places!

  7. Benny & Lily says:

    All we could say is H-I-D-E….butt car rides rock
    Benny & Lily

  8. rahusky says:

    Oh Nala woo are so beautiful!! And woo are a furry good big brofur Bailey for being so supportive:) Have a peaceful weekend mates,


  9. Brian says:

    Hey, it’s not just you, and it’s not just woofies, I hate going in that moving metal box too! But I’m glad all turned out okay!

  10. Oh – I just LOVE my car and MY car rides – can never get enough – but I have been taking car rides since I was 6 weeks old – maybe I just got use to them quick. I wonder why you don’t like the car ride?

  11. Kari says:

    Glad it was a relatively painless trip!


  12. FiveSibesMom says:

    Bailey, think – car rides are fun! The FiveSibes love them…of course, there is usually a stop for vanilla ice cream on the way home, so maybe that’s why they like them! BOL! Hope all went well with Nala’s check-up, and that was so great of you to keep her company. Great pics!

  13. We doubt you’ll get to stay home next time. It’s a shame you don’t like riding in a car, though, cause then you could go some interesting places – meaning not the vet’s.

  14. Amber-Mae says:

    Don’t worry, Bailey. My spotted sister hated car rides for over a year. She used to have very bad car sickness too. She would puke, pee, salivate & sometimes poop all at the same time during the ride. There was a certain time limit that she will be fine with but if you go any longer, that’s when she starts getting real sick. You’ll probably learn to love going for car rides real soon. Going for car rides everyday will help.

  15. That was so brave of you to go along with Nala. I am sure she loved the support!!!!
    Guess what? I weigh almost as much as you do. I was 60 lbs about three weeks ago.

    Puppy Kisses,

  16. Bert says:

    Oh Bailey, You just have to learn to love to go in the car. It is so WAY worth it. those things take you to such wonderful places. And what about all the things you see as your humans are driving.

    I hope you learn to love it as much as I do cause it really does mean the world is yours.

    Love ya