Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys

My mommy bought Nala and me a couple of new toys the other day. These are different than the toys she usually buys — they don’t have stuffing, and there’s no fuzzy stuff on the outside for me to pull at. They’re flat fishies!

Look below for the Good Stuff vs. the Not-So-Good Stuff…

Dogzilla Fish Splatz, by Petmate

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
The dark green fishie is mine, and the white one is Nala’s.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
These flat fishies have no stuffing, which is great…
’cause if I make a hole in it, mommy doesn’t have to worry
about me chewing the stuffing. And they’re easier to sew. :)

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
There’s a squeaker in the head!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Aren’t they cute..?

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
They’re flat fishies!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
I enjoyed chewing on this toy a lot.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Yup, flat as a board.
There’s no stuffing in there!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Tug, tug, TUG!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Chew, chew, CHEW!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Nala loved shaking her fishie around by the tail.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
As usual, I kept an eye on her toy as well as my own.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Nala liked pushing her fishie around with her nose.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
She also liked laying on it… on MY bed. Heh.

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
Any toy that mommy doesn’t have to watch me play
with ALL the time, is a pretty good toy! Right?

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
What’s hangin’? Teehee!

Review: Dogzilla Fish Splatz Doggie Toys
I think this toy is a keeper.

The Good Stuff:

  • There’s no stuffing inside these toys, so concerned human parents don’t have to worry about doggies chewing up stuff they’re not supposed to.
  • If you happen to be a doggie that does chew your toys until the stuffing comes out, your humans don’t have to worry about you eating the stuffing, and there won’t be a mess to clean up! ‘Cause there’s no stuffing! Haha, did I tell you there’s no stuffing?
  • These toys are made with a canvas under-layer and nylon-reinforced seams.
  • There’s a squeaker in the head!
  • They’re light enough to throw and shake around.
  • They’re soft enough that they won’t hurt you if someone throws one at you (don’t ask).
  • They’re fun to hold and cuddle with.
  • If you flap them on the floor, they really do look like a fish out of water! Teehee!
  • They’re fishies!
  • It’s still fun after playing with it an entire week!

The Not-So-Good Stuff:

  • Nothing to see here! Move along, friends!

My conclusion?

So far I haven’t found anything bad with these toys. Since I already know not to tear my toys apart (if I could help it), and since these toys don’t have any stuffing, they seem to be a little bit stronger than those toys that do have stuffing inside. And I do enjoy playing with them. Please be sure you’re supervised while playing with toys. :)

Buy it!

If you’d like to your own Dogzilla Fish Splatz doggie toys, you should check your local Walmart — that’s where my mommy bought them!

Loose Doggie Update…

Remember the other day when I told you that Animal Care and Control (AC&C) was called about the brown doggie running loose close to sunset? Well, he wasn’t caught that night, ’cause as of yesterday, AC&C had not caught him. They’ve closed the case until he’s reported running loose again. *Sigh*

Well wishes for my friend, Lily…

Lily had surgery the other day, and is finally home. If you have a moment, please stop by and drop off some well wishes! <3


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Happy Sunday woofs & hugs, friends! <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl)
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My mommy purchased these toys with her own money, and I provided an honest review. My puppy opinions are my own.


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17 Responses
  1. Jan says they look nifty because a certain dog with the initials S-a-m eats toys with stuffing. Actually, he eats anything. But these sound pretty sturdy.
    jansfunnyfarm recently posted..Meowers and Ellen Minus SnapMy Profile

  2. Kari says:

    What fun toys!

    Stop on by for a visit
    Kari recently posted..A bit of video entertainmentMy Profile

  3. Oh….thanks! W|e saw these at our toy store and wondered if they were worth it. I’ll send the Mama out to get some tomorrow!
    Kolchak & Jodi recently posted..Tasty Tuesday: Happy International Peanut Butter Lover’s DayMy Profile

  4. Bunk says:

    These look great! I have a tendency of trying to tear out the stuffing (what can I say, pugs are chewers!) so I might have to try some of these ones that have no stuffing inside! The pictures are adorable!
    Bunk recently posted..Can Dogs Eat ApplesMy Profile

  5. Benny & Lily says:

    love those fishies
    Benny & Lily

  6. Ellen says:

    Those fish are really fun and they look so real. I tell you I need to read your reviews before I shop for toys. I brought home two this week and I thought the pupparoos would like them but not much interest. Darn. Well, the one is more fun than the other. The other being a duck with different sounds and texture.
    Ellen recently posted..Meet AgadorMy Profile

  7. Ooh wow they look so much fun!! I wonder if we can get them in the UK?

    Two Doodles and a Dane recently posted..Our Big Bunny BrotherMy Profile

  8. Tim says:

    These sound like they are Brando, and Humphrey freindly, we are going to have to look into these fish!
    Tim recently posted..Terminator MovieMy Profile

  9. Frankie Furter and Ernie says:

    Fish Fun… what could be better. Now I really LIKE the UN-Stuffed toys. If they COME with Stuffing… I just Rip it all out. It’s kinda FUN actually. Butt you are RIGHT the moms don’t think much of it though.

  10. Goose says:

    HEY I have those same fish! I love mine. I love them so much that I gave a couple to my gal pal Belle. SHe did rip the head off right away. I still have most of mine left after a month. I think that might be a record.
    Goose recently posted..Rain Drops & Kingdom LivingMy Profile

  11. that is what Mom HAS to buy for the ‘wuzster’ as he destuffs EVERY toy he is given ! We have a destuffed fox that he LOVES…but we like these fishies too. What was the price range though….the fox Mom bought was $9.99. It sure looks like you were having fun with them…they are different but once you get use to them they are lots of fun – especially when you shake them.
    Reilly & Denny recently posted..Caught !My Profile

    • bailey says:

      Hmmm… mommy thinks they were in the $5 – $7 range. She doesn’t like spending lots of money on toys, and remembers which ones cost a lot. ;)

  12. Higgins says:

    That looks like a very fun toy to play with! Last night my mom cleaned out my toy basket and threw away some of my battered toys…I think that forgiveness could be on the horizon if she got me one of those!!

    Higgins recently posted..Food UpdateMy Profile

  13. laffin says:

    I’m planning a trip to Walmart so thanks for the tip on those unstuffed fish. I know some dogs who are going to be very happy receiving some fish to play with.

  14. Finn says:

    Oh wow, those toys look like BIG FUN!!
    Finn recently posted..YesterdayMy Profile

  15. bichonpawz says:

    We will have to send mama to Walmart to check out these things! The toys look like fun and we love that they still squeak…I mean…we don’t see the point if they don’t squeak!! We will check in on Lily too!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug
    bichonpawz recently posted..LadyBug is Celebrating!!My Profile