Doggie School: Week 4

First class: 2/1/11
Second class: 2/8/11
Third class: 2/15/11
Fourth class: 2/22/11
4/6 Classes

Doggie School: Week #4I had my 4th class this past week on Tuesday. :) Sorry I’m so late in getting this post up — so much has been going on lately, and I just haven’t had a chance. Mommy’s also taken over the computer since she moved my site to a new webhosting company — there are many things missing on the site and she’s trying to get that all fixed up for me. Thanks mommy!

My human sister (HS) wasn’t feeling well, so mommy didn’t come to class with daddy and me. Boy, was that fun! I got to do all kinds of stuff without mommy and HS taking pictures of me. Unfortunately, because of that, I don’t have many pictures to share with you from this day. But I do have a picture (on the left) of me waiting for daddy to take me to class. Pretty much that’s how I look on the way to every class. ;)

Here’s what we worked on:

Stay: Adding Distractions

  • Down / Stay
  • Sit / Stay
  • Stay / Release

Shape, Target, Lure

  • Find it
  • Teaching Hand Target / Touch
  • Stay / Adding Distractions

  • There were only 3 other doggies in the class on this day. Heh, I wonder if the pressure has gotten to the others? Well, it hasn’t gotten to me, yet. I love going to class. I love the chicken and the cheese. I love being around other dogs (hey, I’m social). And I love being with my family.

    This class was mostly a review of what we have been working on. I’ll tell you though, it’s not easy to sit and stay when there are other things going on around you. I think I’ll have to work on that more.

    The teacher keeps telling everyone that they have to continue class lessons at home. Don’t tell anyone I said so, but mommy and daddy haven’t practiced much with me this week. They’ve been a bit busy, and just haven’t had the time to spend teaching. But they do still use their commands and reinforce what we’ve already learned. I bet next week they’ll be back to their school schedule at home. Well, I won’t bet on it, but I’m hoping! I want more of that chicken!

    Doggie School: Week #4I don’t know what it is, but I’m just sooo tired when I get home from class. Mommy was so excited when we got home — she couldn’t wait to hear how class went. “Class was GREAT mom, as always… but I’m sooo tired. Can we talk about it tomorrow?” ;)

    Woofs & hugs,



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    1. Kari says:

      Glad to hear the pressure hasn’t gotten to you ;)