My family has such fun watching me grow day to day, and they take videos so they can relive those special moments. I’ll be sharing some of those videos here. Some of them are pretty amusing (trust me, I’m in all of them so I know), and some of them show what I have learned so far, and are just plain fun to watch.

If you view one video then click “Next” at the bottom of that video’s page (to go to the next video), you will not see any of the videos listed below that say “Post” after the title. Since those videos are listed in separate posts in my blog, they are not listed in the rotation. Those videos will only be listed on this page.

I’ll be adding more as I convince my family to upload them…so please be patient. Come back soon to watch new videos!

2010 Videos:

2011 Videos:

2012 Videos:

2013 Videos: